West Hawaii Today Article



Aloha West Hawaii! 


Being awarded the Best of West Hawaii in the annual reader's poll, not only in the category of Best Construction Company, but also Best General Contractor, is quite an honor, to say the least! 


It is not without the support and loyaltyof many people on the job and behind the scenes that have put their faith and trust in myself and my company.  I appreciate so much my stellar office staff and awesome crew on the projects, as well as the subcontractors and suppliers that have all supported me throughout the years, through thick and thin.


After seven years in southern California, where I was trained in the building trade and acquired my contractor¹s license, I was invited to build my sister¹s house in Waimea, and gratefully accepted.  In 1987 I was able move back to Hawaii, and took the opportunity to continue my contracting career here on Big Island.... it was then that I made the decision I was home to stay.


Since then I have had the opportunity to work on many diverse and amazing projects, and meet some incredible people along the way. I specialize in quality custom home building, and helping people to realize their dreams - from 2-dimensional plans to the 3-dimensional house that becomes their home. I also enjoy and have done numerous restorations, commercial projects, and home remodels. Some of the noteworthy projects include a 3-house bamboo structure on an estate property in Puako, continuing restoration on the historical Malama' i ka' Ola building in Holualoa, and custom building or restoration projects of many private residences in west Hawaii.


Most significant for me personally, is that the building industry, and most importantly consumers, are now embracing the need to "build green" which is something I have been interested in and promoting for over 20 years! It is significant that we can implement seamlessly the solar energy systems with wind generated power to charge the same batteries for on- or off-grid homes. I was certified in this system over two years ago, and completely support LEED green building certification with new construction. Today there are endless choices for green building design, as well as a multitude of  eco-friendly building products available on the market.


My family has had roots here for several generations, and I spent most summers of my life growing up surfing in Waikiki or on my grandfather¹s ranch in Moloka¹i, where my first son was born.  I must say it has been a dream of mine since I was born in Honolulu in 1952, to enjoy living, working and playing in the islands, raising my family here, and continuing the tradition of managing a prosperous business like the generations before me, in this paradise we call Hawaii. I feel blessed that I am doing just that. My four children have grown up here on the Big Island, and now I am enjoying watching my four  grandchildren thrive.


My mission in contracting is to succeed in pleasing my clients with a superior quality and energy efficient product we can both be proud of, and leave the legacy of a building that future generations will enjoy.




 - George